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Ask for a special offer to relax at our hotels in Pisa
At about 40 minutes’ drive from our  Hotel Villa Tower Inn there’s a renowned exclusive spa resort. Casciana Terme is a small treasure chest hidden between the Pisan Hills; its precious heart preserves bicarbonate-sulphate thermal waters – a true spa village that doubles the eighteenth-century Villa Borri, a wellness center with panoramic terraces, indoor and outdoor pools. Its appellative “thermal jewel of Italy” is perfectly justified.
Since the fourteenth century it has been a pilgrimage destination for the entire Europe, and it still remains so. In 1863 architect Poggi designed a magnificent neoclassical establishment that recently has been restored and now it’s capable to host about 1000 people a day. Actually, it’s provided with dozens of thermal mud rooms, baths, whirlpool tubs, inhalations and a modern section for physical rehabilitation in agreement with the National Health Service, an indoor swimming pool, walking paths, equipped gyms, magnetotherapy and laser. It will be absolutely impossible not to feel good, since there are also some extra services, like cosmetic treatments, massages, saunas and Turkish bath.
During your stay in Casciana Terme you should also visit Countess Matilde market (antiques, crafts, minerals) that takes place on the first Friday of June, July, August and September, and later – an extraordinary edition in December.
Finally, at the foot of the Pisan Mounts there are Uliveto thermal baths, where, actually, Uliveto water gushes out from; so rich in mineral salts it’s strongly recommended during meals, as far as it facilitates the digestion.
And even here you’ll find a wonderful wellness establishment with customizable treatments ad-hoc: swimming pools, water gymnastic courses, yoga and tennis, as well as other sports activities.
Have a good rest!